Diwali Dhamaka Sale 2013 #MixerGrinder #Mixie in Canada and USA save 25%

Diwali Dhamaka Sale 2013 #MixerGrinder #Mixie in  Canada and USA save 25%

A great number of people have already taken advantage of this limited time Special Diwali Sale on Relin Megamix – the Heavy duty Indian Mixer Grinder (Mixie).


  • IT’S GOT POWER – Handles toughest grinding jobs with such an ease
  • IT’S GOT SPEED – Completes any job in just few minutes
  • IT’S VERSATILE – Different jars for different jobs, no mixing of flavours

With strong grinding abilities of Relin Mixer Grinder Mixie, you too can enjoy the aroma of various spices and delicious delicacies made freshly at home.

Act now, and SAVE 25%, Shop on-line or call us at 416-618-9753.